What Old Saw (Or Other Tool) Have You Kept Going?

Rob-Portrait351One of the woodworkers in our Q&A department is rehabbing an old saw (the kind you find in your woodshop; not the kind of pithy saying your grandmother used to spout at the dinner table). And, while I might quibble at his definition of “old” (It’s from the 1980s! It’s hardly as old as some of my children!), I admire him for trying to keep a good tool going in the service of our craft.

Some tools — as another reader states in the Feedback section, remembering another old tool that he restored just because he wanted that specific tool — are tools that we woodworkers want to last for the ages. And if your father, or grandfather, or some other relative, was the original owner of the tool that’s still going strong in your shop, so much the better.

Which makes me curious…What’s the oldest (working) tool you have in your shop?

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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