One For Two

Years ago, I had just completed installing a dining counter in a new restaurant. I packed up my tools but had set my very new DeWALT drill driver on the roof of my truck … and failed to put it away in its slot as I had planned. As I rounded a curve on the interstate (while listening to the latest release from Grand Funk Railroad), I saw my yellow and black case slide from the roof and slide across the freeway. By the time I got back to the curb … it was gone. My heart and my bank account were broken.

Yesterday, after slipping in the snow, I put my current work tool — my Mac laptop in its briefcase — “temporarily” on my tonneau cover as I brushed away the flakes, and you can guess what happened. I was almost to work when I noticed my briefcase was not on the seat next to me. After I said a bad word, I turned around and went looking for my lost articles. Nothing.

But then, to my relief, a kind construction worker named Mike called me and said he had found my case. We met, and though the computer was a bit bruised, it still works.
I gave my heartfelt thanks to Mike, and decided not to ask him if he’d ever found a DeWALT drill driver.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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