One-Two-Three – PRESTO! Instant Hardware Installation!

One-Two-Three – PRESTO! Instant Hardware Installation!

With the 18-piece Insty-Drive® 1-2-3 Drill & Drive Set from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, installing hardware and hinges really is as easy as one-two-three.

Step One: Drill the pilot hole with one of the three 3/8″ high speed steel countersink bits — or with one of the three self-centering bits (the very best way to install leaf hinges). Both have a hex shank to prevent slipping.

Step Two: Slip on the Rockler exclusive Insty-Driver, which accepts any 1/4″ hex shank screwdriving accessory, over the countersink or self-centering bit. The magnetic tip on the Insty-Driver holds all 1/4″ style insert bits and screws, and the kit includes 10 of the most popular power screwdriver bits for woodworking applications.

Step Three: Drive home the screws — and you’re done!

Slipping off the Insty-Driver prepares you to repeat the process, which gives you accurately installed, shift-free hardware that lasts. It helps even an amateur woodworker to make perfectly centered and straight pilot holes in everything from small boxes to architectural doors. And you only have to use one drill driver.

An included chart tells you the recommended size taper drill and countersink combination, while a durable nylon pouch lets you pack everything up neatly.

Available for $80 at, the 18-piece Insty-Drive package is probably the closest thing to woodworking in an instant that you’ll ever find.

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