An Orderly World

Rob-Portrait351It’s not exactly a revelation that life is messy. It can be frustrating and confusing and sometimes it’s just not satisfying. But that is not usually true in my workshop. One of the ways that my shop provides, in the words of songwriter Bob Dylan, a shelter from the storm, is the illusion of order and control it provides.

And while if you were to come into my shop, your first impression might not be “what a neat and orderly place this is,” you would likely not be surprised that I can walk across the shop, move a pile of wood scraps and pull out a piece of curly maple that will be perfect for the task at hand. (In my shop, if something is out of place — I’m the one who put it there.) Not only is there satisfaction in knowing my shop, but the process of woodworking in and of itself is a comforting experience. Working from point A to point Z and arriving at an acceptable conclusion is such a great experience.

And I think that I am not alone in using my shop as both a refuge and a place of recharging my batteries. I think that is one reason that woodworking remains popular and folks like you are passionate about the craft.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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