Outdoor Woodworking To-Do’s for Spring

In last week’s editorial, a spurt of warm Minnesota weather prompted Rob to wonder what sort of outdoor woodworking projects were on eZine readers’ “to-do” lists. Here’s what we heard. – Editor

“Because the weather is so good for outdoor activities here in Phoenix, especially during the winter months, my son decided he needed an outdoor TV cabinet. Of course, he is not into lugging a big screen TV out to the patio every time he wants to watch something while outdoors.  Since his father raised no dummies, and knowing that his dad is into woodworking, and his father-in-law is into running AC power and Ethernet cable, my son challenged the two of us to build him a weatherproof TV cabinet complete with AC power and Internet connection.  Everything was far enough along to watch Super Bowl 50 during the party he threw for his
work crew and their families.  I’m now almost done with the weathersealed doors for the cabinet, and I must say it is looking good.  Lots of work but, being retired, I love making sawdust.” – Terry Olges

“I have a potting bench I want to make and planter boxes to hang on thefence posts around my yard. I live on the Gulf Coast, which is great weather, right? It takes one weekend of bad weather to ruin what you’re just
itching to do for spring. It’s frustrating.” – Maximilian Titus

“New shop porch decking; use the removed decking for shelves in kitchen and dining room. Outdoor patio and kitchen. Bench for front porch (maybe chairs also). Enclose existing patio garden fence. Replace chainlink fence with horse fence. Take two or more weeks off for travel.” – Bob Farris

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