Outdoor Woodworking

Rob-Portrait351It’s warming up outside, and I’ve got a couple of hot projects on my list of things to build. The first is a stand for my little gas grill. I live alone and often grill my dinner out on my deck during the short summer season. My kids bought me a really small gas grill that is perfect for those gastronomic episodes — but it needs a stand to get it up to counter height. That’s number one. The second is a picnic table. My eldest daughter wants one for her backyard, and she thinks I need one for my yard as well. Hence, in the near future, she and I will begin a joint building project for outdoor eating. Now, neither of these efforts will be fine furniture, but bread and butter woodworking can often be some of the most fun to do. So, it’s off to the lumberyard for some red cedar or clear Doug-fir, and it’s time to start making sawdust!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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