Parts, Supplies: Find What You’re Looking For

Parts, Supplies: Find What You’re Looking For

Riving Knife Retrofits

With the answer to the question about retrofitting a riving knife in the last eZine, we heard from a few readers that it is possible: one who provided his homemade solution, and one who has made a commercial one. – Editor

“I have a Ryobi table saw that had a nasty habit of throwing wood at me. Twice was enough, so I made the riving knife shown in the attached picture. I found a piece of sheet stock at the home center and copied the blade guard profile. By making the height of the knife just below the height of the blade,  I can keep it on most of the time. So far it is working well.” – Martin Richter

“In response to your Q&A in this issue, you can retrofit a riving knife on some models of table saws. A friend of mine just put one on his 1948 Unisaw and it fit perfectly. It probably came off a newer Unisaw, but it bolted right on. I also know where you can buy all the old wormy chestnut you want in North Carolina.” – Terry Mildenberg

“I have been selling a retrofit riving knife for almost two years. I call it the BORK (Bolt-On Ripping Knife), and it is my design. It has been fitted to Delta, Grizzly and some JET cabinet saws, Craftsman, Steel City and some JET hybrid saws and a couple models of contractor saws.” – Bob Ross

Pyrography Pictures

Also along the line of adding resources, readers also shared where to find pictures for pyrography – another question from Q&A last time out. – Editor

“Google ‘photo to sketch free’ and there are several free programs that let the writer do just that, with intensity adjustable. Wonderful results.” – John Sowders

“We at Classic Carving Patterns feel that we are one of the largest and perhaps the most well-known resource for Wood Carving & Wood Burning patterns on the web. Along with dozens of free patterns,  we also offer tons of free tutorials and free advice.” – Lora S. Irish

Clock Movement

Is it the movement for the Irish Parlor Clock included in the Free Plans that you’re looking for? The suggested face and movement are available from Klockit, with the info below. – Editor

Klockit: 800-556-2548
Clock Movement #13047
Clock Face #26411

Happy New Year

And finally, we share some New Year’s wishes from a fellow eZine reader. – Editor

“Dear fellows, Please let me wish you, from Romania, all the best for the New Year 2010 with my sincere thanks for the passionate work you are doing for us, who loves woodworking! Happy New Year.” – Virgil Goaga

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