Pencil Post Bed

Pencil Post Bed

This is a pencil post bed with a canopy on the top. It is made out of African Mahogany and has a coat of Minwax walnut stain on it. Also, it is coated with Minwax hand rubbed polyurethane.

I had to make a jig seven feet long and use hanger on each end screwed into the posts in order to taper all four sides from the bed rails up, and then, all four sides from the bed rails down.

The rails are 1 1/4″ thick. They have a 3/8″ hanger bolt in each end and are bolted to the posts. Then the bolts are covered with bed bolt covers.

The headboard ends were cut on the radial arm saw. This was the only way to cut it so it would match the taper of the bed posts. Then it was installed with #20 biscuits.

– Jimmy Harbour
Bethany, LA

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