Pet Projects

Pet Projects

In last week’s eZine, Rob mentioned that he’s been spending some of the dog days of August spending time with, well, his dog. Judging from the comments about sun shelters and swimming pools, Leeroy demands a bit more than your run-of-the-mill doghouse. Which led to the question: what woodworking projects have eZine readers made for their pets? Here are some examples. – Editor


“Just sold this house, but check out dog water fountain.” – Jim Hausch

“My ‘shop dog,’ Harry, a 13-pound Yorkie-Poo, has his own box on my table saw.  I move him when cutting large items.  He just loves being out there with me.  The loud sounds don’t seem to bother him.  He will eat wood if left to his own devices, so I have to watch him.  He now has a wicker basket because the box in the picture was finished and sits on the dryer.” – Jeffrey S. Long


“Here is a climbing tower I made for my wife Meredith’s cats (she currently has four).  It is 7′ 9″ tall. The guy on the top is Homer.  Construction materials include an 8′ 4×4, half sheet of plywood, 500′ of 3/8″ rope, and carpet for the shelves.  It is finished with mahogany Minwax PolyShades.” – Gerry Oakes

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