Play Ball! (Or at least, Play in the Shop!)

Play Ball! (Or at least, Play in the Shop!)

In last week’s issue, Rob talked about looking for something fun – and preferably spring-like – to make in his shop. Like maybe a baseball bat. He asked if others had made “fun” projects. – Editor

“ Made one [baseball bat] for my son-in-law who loves the game. Biggest problem is finding plans. Also made a baseball bat hat stand with my grandson that turned out great.” – Jeff Stikeleather

“I’ve made a couple of baseball bats from maple. I gave them to my neighbors, a family of baseball nuts. I’ve made various toys, and every year I make tops for the Marines Toys for Tots program. Last year I made over 100 tops. Any cut-off large enough becomes a top. I’ve gotten to where I can turn them out in five minutes each — six if I decorate them.” – Barry Saltsberg

“As a former member of the American Association of Woodturners, I attended several symposiums, and the turning of hats was a new thing in those days.  There was a fellow from Pennsylvania who turned cowboy hats and a few other kinds, but the one that stood out to me was the baseball cap.  He had done an old-school Pirates hat. I decided that a ball cap was the thing to do, so I set about finding a green blank and turning a cap that reflected my preferences. I turned a cap from magnolia and carved the Texas Ranger logo on it along with the seams and the button on top.  It took me three days and several failures to get there, but get there I did. Here’s the result.  This was in 1996. I wore it to a game at Rangers Stadium, and the only person that asked me about it was a 10-year-old kid!” – Frank Clements

“I haven’t turned a baseball bat either, but it figures to be a pretty simple project. Have you ever turned a pool cue? I have not.” – Moh Clark

“A couple of Kubb games.” – Riley Grotts

“In the spring and fall, I like to sit on my deck with a fire going in the chimenea and sip on a favorite beverage.  Now, there was no convenient place to set the drink.  I just completed what I hope is a solution to this problem.  I call it my drinking table.” –  Vince Granacher

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