Portamate Universal Mobile Base

Portamate Universal Mobile Base

Even if floor space in your shop isn’t in short supply, it’s still handy to be able to move heavy machinery around for cleaning or changing your room’s layout. And if you work in a confined space, machine mobility is not only helpful, it’s often essential. Rolling bases can make any piece of machinery easier to move, but many are sized to fit only a range of machine base dimensions. With Portamate’s new PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base, you can build a custom base to fit any machine you own that weighs up to 400 lbs.

The kit features four powder-coated steel corner pieces with wheels. You supply a piece of plywood to fit inside them, forming the base structure for your machine. All the other necessary installation hardware is included. The base’s corner pieces will accept up to two thicknesses of 3/4-in. plywood, for maximum strength. Their 3-in. hard rubber wheels raise a machine just 1-in. from the floor. Foot-operated levers on the pair of “steerable” wheels lift the machine for rolling or rest the base on adjustable feet to park it. Load limit on the base is 400 lbs.

The size of the base you make is limited only by the plywood dimensions you use. Move jointers, band saws, lathes, table saws, sanders, drill presses, planers and more. You’ll be able to open up space for more effective productivity, better organization and safety.

Portamate’s PM-1100 Universal Mobile Base sells for $65.

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