Post-Season Woodworking

Post-Season Woodworking

In the last issue, Rob lamented the Minnesota Vikings football team’s loss – at the game which, if they had won, would have taken them to a hometown SuperBowl. He comforted himself with woodworking. Some of readers either shared in the misery, or tried to offer their own form of ‘comfort.’ – Editor

“As a suggestion: Move to New England and follow a winning team!” – Ricardo de Aguiar

“I get it, as a long-time Bills fan.” – Peter Nilsson.

“Try being a Detroit Lions fan, and then you will know heartache.” – Keith Valliere

“I, too, am crushed as a lifelong Minnesotan! And once again, they have stolen shop time this past fall! Shop time I would have had if I didn’t get sucked into the whole Vikings ‘this is the year’ bandwagon! 1987-1998-2001-2009-2017 are title games I remember: heartache. For that reason, all shop time next fall! I
feel your pain! (Have loved your magazine for 20-some years!)” – Gregg Scheid

“I can empathize with you, Rob! Being a St. Louis Cardinals baseball and St. Louis Rams football fan since 1962, making sawdust was better than kicking holes in the garage walls or the TV. And the great thing about it: my projects looked a lot better then the above teams. God bless & keep the great projects coming.” -Don Foley

“Hi, I¹m Artie, and I’m a New England Patriots fan. I was born in Massachusetts and, other than my time in the USAF, always lived in Massachusetts. If you followed football before 2001, then you know we were referred to as the Patsies for most of our existence. This is our ‘Golden Age,’ and it will pass. I will most likely not be on this earth when the Pats have another run of excellence. I see no reason why the Vikes shouldn’t be a team to be reckoned with, for a while. When Drew Bledsoe was injured, and Tom Brady came in, Bill Belichick was the coach, and no one foresaw this run coming. It can, and will, happen to another team in the NFL. So hang in there, and keep believing.” – Artie Fleming (P.S. I was a Fran Tarkenton fan as a kid.)

“I, too, am a lifelong Vikings fan (I’m 56, so I’ve experienced all the ups and downs they’ve had) and, like you, find my woodshop as a place for therapy. In fact, at the end of the third quarter of the Eagles game, I escaped to my shop for therapy. I was at the tedious stage of final hand sanding on a mantel I’m building for a neighbor, so I put on some good tunes, got all my sanding done and, by bedtime, pretty much forgot about the Vikings loss. There’s always next year (been repeating that for as long I can remember).” – Todd Wanous

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