Power Shelf: A Place to Charge and Store Your Stuff

Power Shelf: A Place to Charge and Store Your Stuff

It’s an outlet cover! It’s a shelf! It’s both! The Power Shelf actually comes in a variety of configurations, all of which have in common that they replace an existing outlet cover with a device that both covers the outlet and gives you added storage – a shelf, a hook or, sometimes, both.

The idea behind the invention of Lynn Fetzer-Westmeister is to provide both a place to charge something, like one of your cordless power tools, and a place to put it while it’s charging. The charger for your drill, for example, can sit on the shelf, while the drill itself hangs from a hook. There are also places to wrap extension cords neatly around a Power Shelf for easily corralled storage of that, too.

Lynn’s family owns a factory in Plymouth, Ohio, where the Power Shelf is manufactured and finished by being covered in powder coating “paints” in a variety of colors. Several patents are pending on the invention.

Prices of the Power Shelf vary from $15.95 to $36.95 for various configurations. Find out more information at www.buypowershelf.com.

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