Power to the – um, Woodshop!

Rob-Portrait351Our long Northern winter is hanging on with the tenacity of a terrier worrying a bone. And as it happens, March here in Minnesota – although it is our last real snow month – can gather our heaviest snowfall amounts. For that reason, cabin fever can become epidemic, even as the days grow longer and the sun gets stronger. What is the solution to that odd annual mixture of anxiety and depression? While it may not be a universal panacea, for me, spending more time in the woodshop is just like medicine. So if you’re trying to find me in March, that is the first place I’d look. And this year (minus 14F when I got out of bed this morning), I am in need of a strong dose of medicine!

This eZine happens to be sponsored by Powermatic, a company whose tools have been shop companions of mine since my youth. I have a clear memory of surfacing what at the time seemed like miles of nasty-hard hickory lumber through my dad’s racing-striped 18″ Powermatic planer. That wood was so old and hard it felt like the whole shop – not to mention the planer – was going to shake apart as we surfaced it. But it just kept on going. It would have been great to have a spiral head cutter (see the Tool Preview column) on that woodshop workhorse, but that upgrade was years in the future. But I bet the Powermatic tools we feature in this eZine are cut from the same cloth. And they will just keep on going – be it March or May, whatever nasty hardwood you throw their way.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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