Powermatic® 3520C Wood Lathe

Powermatic®  3520C Wood Lathe

The new Powermatic® 3520C Lathe represents the fourth generation of the popular 3520 lathe family with a combination of premium features that expand the boundaries of woodturning capabilities and performance. It features adjustable riser blocks, movable control box, ergonomic spindle lock, digital speed and indexing readout, anti-rotation tailstock key and more. Pick any woodturning project, large or small, and the versatile 3520C promises to handle it with ease and precision.

Weighing 726 lbs. (814 lbs. with optional bed extension), the Powermatic 3520C is 96 lbs. heavier than its predecessor, the 3520B. The new lathe’s headstock, tailstock and legs are constructed entirely of heavy-duty cast iron, resulting in a stable, vibration-free work surface. Adjustable riser blocks allow 6 in. of height adjustment to maximize operator comfort while turning.

The lathe is driven by a robust, 2 HP single-phase, 220-volt motor that can manage large, off-balance workpieces. Its electronic variable speed ranges from 15 to 1,200 RPM on low and 40 to 3,200 RPM on high. Maintaining speeds as low as 15 RPM is ideal for creating intricate, ornamental turnings.

A magnetic moveable control box allows convenient operation at a variety of different positions on the lathe. The digital spindle speed and indexing readout, On/Off and forward/reverse switches are conveniently located on the control box. A main power disconnect switch is mounted on the rear of the headstock.

The new lathe provides 36 in. of working distance between centers and a 20 in. swing over the bed. This allows for complex, multi-axis turnings and provides maximum capacity for spindle and bowl turning. A precision-ground bed ensures that the tailstock and tool-rest will slide smoothly. Its upgraded banjo incorporates a non-marring, pinch-style clamp for solid tool-rest placement.

Other features include a self-locating, ergonomic spindle lock for easy one-hand operation and an anti-rotation tailstock key. The lathe also features Acme threads for smooth operation and longevity; a set of dead-centers, which hold a spindle for visual examination; and a sliding hammer knockout rod with brass tip.

An optional 20-in. bed extension is available, increasing the 3520C lathe’s capacity to 56 in. between centers and allowing outboard turning of large, ambitious projects. The lathe incorporates a two-position mount for the optional bed extension.

The Powermatic 3520C Lathe (model 1353001; $4,499) is CSA Certified and is backed by Powermatic’s 5-year warranty, with service centers available throughout the United States. The Bed Extension (item 1353002) sells for $449.99.

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