PM2200 Cyclonic Dust Collector

PM2200 Cyclonic Dust Collector

Powermatic’s new PM2200 Cyclonic Dust Collector features auto-cleaning HEPA filter technology for improved filtration and longer filter life. The patented system starts up as soon as the dust collector is turned off: when the machine stops, a secondary motor rotates flappers inside the HEPA filter for 15 seconds in one direction, then 15 seconds in the other direction, to dislodge trapped particles. This agitation action improves the filter’s efficiency and extends its longevity.

Its two-stage, cyclone design with 15.8-in. steel impeller pulls incoming, heavy debris down to the collection drum without interrupting airflow, so that smaller particles flow upward to be trapped by the HEPA filter. The filter collects 99.97 percent of all particles passing through, down to 0.3 micron.

The PM2200 is well-suited for any size woodworking shop. It has four air inlets, including three 4-in. ports for connection to three separate machines, as well as an 8-in. port for whole-shop piping. A vacuum pressure gauge provides convenient operator feedback to determine when the bag is full.

Weighing 359 lbs., the PM220’s heavy-duty, powder-coated steel construction provides a stable base for quiet operation (78 decibels) and dampened vibration. It’s driven by a single-phase, 3hp, 230-volt induction motor that moves air at 1,543 cubic feet per minute. Static pressure in a water column is rated at 14.13.

Removing the collection drum for bag changes is fast and easy with the PM2200’s single-handed drum release and swiveling drum casters. Integrated vacuum lines in the drum retain the bag without the need for a separate bag frame. The collection bag’s capacity is 55 cu. ft.

A battery-operated remote control comes standard and has an effective range of approximately 50 ft. It provides settings for 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-hour, or continuous, operation. The machine’s On/Off switch is equipped with a magnetic safety key.

Powermatic’s PM2200 Cyclonic Dust Collector with HEPA Filter Kit (model 1792200HK) sells for $2,999. Powermatic backs it with a five-year warranty. To watch a video of the machine in action, click here.

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