Powermatic® Tailstock Swing Away

Powermatic® Tailstock Swing Away

With Powermatic’s new Tailstock Swing Away (Model PM-SA), you could do away with the grunt work required to remove the tailstock from your Powermatic lathe in order to set up bed end-turning operations. With the tailstock locked on the cast-iron Swing Away, loosening one knob allows you to hinge the tailstock down and out of the way easily. The tailstock can be replaced by swinging it back to position on the bed and tightening the knob again.

This new accessory is compatible with Powermatic lathe models 3520, 3520A, 3520B, and 2020. Also, it won’t interfere with a bed extension mounted in the lower position.

Powermatic’s new Tailstock Swing Away ($299.99) is available now through Powermatic dealers. It has a limited one-year warranty.


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