Premium Content: Reader Thoughts

In last issue’s eZine, Rob announced the new premium content available on the website for subscribers to the print and digital editions of Woodworker’s Journal magazine. Here’s what we heard back. – Editor

“I haven’t actually tried it yet, but let me congratulate and thank you for making the back issues available to subscribers! My wife would likely be happy for me to remove some of the many back issues that sit in boxes in the basement.

“I wish more publications did the same (made electronic archival versions available to print subscribers). I still like getting the dead tree version because I find the format easier to read/handle than a tablet. I’ve tried reading magazines on a tablet, and so far I’ve not been convinced that it’s a better thing. When we get 14″ tablets that are 400ppi or better and weigh the same as a magazine does today… maybe. Until then, I’ll read the print version and reference historical versions electronically.” – Scott Chapman

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