Premium Video Series: Dovetail Joinery

The dovetail may be the most iconic joint in woodworking. It is the perfect marriage of form and function – both strong and attractive. In this series, Ernie Conover clearly demonstrates how to lay out, cut, and assemble the most popular types of dovetail joints. Episodes include detailed instructions of how to make through dovetails, half-blind dovetails and full-blind (secret) dovetails.

Watch the free introduction episode now:

1. Introduction: Why hand cut? A brief history of the dovetail joint and how it has changed over time. [Available to everyone]

Premium Episodes for Subscribers:

2. Tools for Making Dovetails

3. Through Dovetails – Layout

4. Through Dovetails – Sawing Pins

5. Through Dovetails – Chiseling the Waste

6. Through Dovetails – Transferring the Layout

7. Through Dovetails – Sawing the Tail Boards

8. Through Dovetails – Trial Fit, Gluing, and Clamping

9.  Through Dovetails – Making Boxes by Widening the Top and Bottom Pins

10. Half-Blind Dovetails – Overview

11. Half-Blind Dovetails – Layout Pins

12. Half-Blind Dovetails – Sawing and Chiseling the Pins

13. Half-Blind Dovetails – Transferring the Pin Layout to the Tail Boards

14. Half-Blind Dovetails – Gluing and Clamping

15. Full-Blind (Secret) Dovetails

16. Repairing Dovetail Joints

17. Conclusion – Additional Tips and Methods