Printing Plans and Assessing Info

Printing Plans and Assessing Info

Tempest in a Teacup

We heard from a couple more people concerning both my choice to showcase a wayward website thread, and my reasons for doing so.

To Michael Dresdner:

“Touché! You hit the nail right on the head! You said “not all information on the Internet is worth trusting.” This is crucial to every person who uses the Internet. Calling the Internet “information technology” is a scandalous misrepresentation. It is communication technology, and communicated information is not always reliable. The point about using good judgment in what one reads is absolutely pertinent to my reason for having subscribed to Woodworkers Journal. I want to compare its information with what the salesman, or the Internet, or friends tell me.” – Serge Gagnon

Leon Schierer had an interesting observation, and one worthy of comment.

You obviously read the thread, but I didn’t see you jump in to offer the correct answer.

That’s right, Leon, I didn’t, and for good reason. At times, an editor is in the same position as a documentary film crew. Such crews must not intrude on that which they record, even if their inaction allows the cute, innocent rabbit to be eaten by the predator. That sort of interference would change observation to interaction. There is plenty of my writing, and my interaction, in each issue already, but the goal of the Web Surfers’ Review is different. It attempts to direct a beam of light into one of the small corners of some online discussion rooms. My job is to point the flashlight outward, not aim it at myself.

Why We Print Plans

Though this came in ostensibly as a question, I thought it deserved a spot here instead.

“I am an amateur woodworker. I have done some small projects in the past but I have trouble finding ideas for new ones. Can you help me? Thanks.” – Joe

We hear you, Joe, and you are in good company. Many of us would appreciate a steady flow of ideas for our shop time. That is why each issue of the eZine contains a segment called Free Plans. If you are looking for even more great ideas, you can look through the Shop for Plans.

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