The Pros of Woodworking Procrastination?

The Pros of Woodworking Procrastination?

Last-Minute Woodworking

In the last issue of the eZine, Rob mentioned that he had once envisioned a future when his woodworking projects would be completed in a timely manner … but, now that the future is here, that doesn’t seem to be case. A couple of readers offered some empathy in their suggestions. – Editor

“Rather than say you procrastinate, just say that you work better under pressure.” – Charles Buster

“The other way to look at ‘wisdom is in short supply’ is that we are still young (or at least young at heart). Besides, is there any other kind of woodworking than the ‘last-minute’ type?”- Vince Granacher

Batting an Idea To and Fro(e)

Another suggestion came from a reader who thought the bat manufacturer looking for something to do with his leftover overweight bat blanks should look into froe mallets. – Editor

“This short bat is used with a froe, and I don’t mean the hairstyle.” – Bob Masecar

Another Outdoor Finish Option

And, while our editors like the look of grayed cedar, it seems that not everyone does — and we heard a suggestion for an outdoor finish option other than spar varnish. – Editor

“I saw the question put to you about spar varnish and an outdoor finish. I have a solution that really works.

“I constructed a playhouse for my grandchildren out of cedar. I finished the playhouse with spar varnish and was quite dismayed when, by the next spring, the UV had removed all of the finish. I do not like the look of unfinished cedar. I talked to a marine supplier, and they, too, confirmed that no varnish will last longer than one year.

“I had read about a product called Bristol Finish, in an advertisement in WoodenBoat magazine. The advertising suggested, if my memory serves me, that the product would last four years in Maine and six years in the Bahamas. The stuff is very expensive, but I bit the bullet and bought some, as I was not about to apply varnish every year. I am now in the third year after application of the Bristol Finish, and the product shows little sign of requiring a re-application. I live on the shore of Lake Huron and, as a result, have a reasonably damp environment. The Bristol Finish requires several coats, but it dries very quickly and you can, as a consequence, apply several coats in a day. It is, however, very easy and quick to apply.

“A note of caution. Do wear an organic mask (not a dust mast) when applying the finish. I had a look at the chemical composition and caution is required in applying it.” – Paul Beaudet

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