PureBond Project Panels

PureBondProjectPanelMapleColumbia Forest Products has created PureBond® Project Panels, American hardwood panels available in sizes of 2’x2’, 2’x4’, 2’x’8’ and 4’x4’, as well as three thicknesses: ¼”, ½”, and ¾”. These domestically produced, formaldehyde-free decorative hardwood plywood panels are available in a choice of 12 different unfinished, prefinished and primed hardwood veneer faces, including maple (unfinished and prefinished), alder, aromatic cedar, cherry, hickory, mahogany, oak (red and white), poplar (unfinished and pre-prime) and walnut. Pricing for the PureBond Project Panels, available only at Home Depot, varies by size, ranging from under $10 for the smallest to around $50 for the largest.

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