PVC Dust Collection Systems

PVC Dust Collection Systems

After reading our experts’opinions on Metal vs. PVC in DC Systems, James Neff felt comfortable about making up his own mind on the relative safety of the two systems. He also rates the overall competency of the eZine as very high! Ernie Mascarello Jr. described the PVC dust collection and ground system in his shop. It incorporates some rubber connectors between different size pipes and the DC system, along with all the stationary machinery, is grounded to dedicated ground stakes outside the building. At one point he had trouble with static shocks on his portable machines, but ground studs added at each port took care of the problem.

Louis Duplessis’ difficulty in finding an American manufacturer struck a chord with Scott Neumann. He’s run into the same situation trying to get his product beyond the prototype. Scott is surprised some “savvy, reputable, marketing student” hasn’t figured a way around the problem & since he feels it would be a win-win for many small businesses, as well as the rest of the country. And, by the way, he feels that Louis’ jig meets a long-standing need in his shop and probably many others.

Several readers wrote in response to Stud Buddies in Storage. For generations, Ruth Price’s family has fashioned their own between-stud shelving & her grandmother first used them for canned foods. Of course, she lamented, people today put up drywall in their garages and then have to find the studs and hang the shelves if they need storage. More about the photo illustration than the concept, Don BTed Lomatski, and Norm Harris all shared their horror at the sight of a hand plane laid blade down on a metal shelf. Norm says he sees this in woodworking related ads all the time!

As a new woodworker, Alika Lincoln wrote to thank us for our articles and tell us to keep up the great work!

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