Reader Thoughts on Installing Flooring

In last issue’s eZine, Rob shared his reaction to installing flooring. He received a lot of commiseration. – Editor

“NOW you tell me. I’m right in the middle of installing floor and wall porcelain tile in not one, but two, bathrooms. I feel your pain.” – Murray George

“Laughed out loud when I read your column. Built a room on the back of our house two years ago, and I’m still paying for it. I’m 72 now and I’m thinking of enclosing my shop located in my RV garage (it’s only two walls, I say). There comes a time when you have to say, ‘Nope, I can’t do it (because it’ll hurt).’” – Gil Hebert

“Been there, done that …never, ever again. I installed three rooms of oak flooring in an addition, and I feel your pain in addition to the pain I felt when put down my flooring.” – Greg Little

“I, too, am too old to lay flooring, I hired two of my sons friends to do the laying while I did the measuring and cutting. They didn’t even want to use the kneepads I bought for them. Motrin, Norco or whatever you have helps. My doctor told me to use the Motrin before I started the job, which really works.” – Jim Ware

“I have been there. I put flooring in a 1,500 square foot house and I know your pain. Each corner, each angle, the floor registers, etc. I already have a bad back and bad knees. Now I have a bad feeling about putting down flooring. I ask ‘What’s wrong with bare floors or carpet?’ I think gin is the best at easing the pain.” – Ralph Williams

“A lesson from my father:  Before deciding if you should do something, take a hint from the age of people who do it for a living.  There are no old roofers, there are no old flooring installers.” – Roger Rayburn

Some had a quibble with Rob’s calculation – likely a bit of hyperbole – that he spent 300 hours over the weekend installing the flooring. –Editor

“I usually read your editorials for I like the writing style. Do the math, my friend: 300 hours is more than two solid weeks! Last year I bought a multi-tool for some flooring repairs at a museum I volunteer for. I got the project started but never finished it. Shame on me…your story is a good reminder to finish what I started.” – Sherman Anderson

“There are only 48 hours in a weekend and that’s if you don’t sleep.  I replaced all the flooring in my house (not in one weekend) and am glad I did it.  Both floors are now 100 percent real hardwood.  If you wear kneepads and have the proper tools, it is not hard work. I also tiled the basement; that was a little harder.” – Jack Klein

Some eZine readers, on the other hand, shared their flooring success stories. – Editor

“Oops. Been there, done that! In 2014, my wife and I bought a condo for one of her sisters; the rugs throughout the house were trash! I spent the next month laying plywood over the concrete slab and then 1,500 square feet of hardwood in the living room, dining room, kitchen, hall, one of the bedrooms, and up the stairs. While I didn’t enjoy the task, I learned a great deal that will help me when I lay the flooring in the 1909 Craftsman home that my wife and I bought to retire to.

“Most of the downstairs will be left looking like it was when it was built, the kitchen will be brought up-to-date and we will add a residential elevator, the main floor bathroom will be split into two powder rooms (pointers and setters) and a mechanical room. Upstairs will be another story, wall-to-wall carpets and a new master suite. The main floor pine flooring will be replaced with engineered bamboo that will match the original color, about 2000 square feet.” – J. Eric Pennestri

“My son-in-law and I did that with solid oak flooring in our entry, kitchen and dining room.  All are connected so not given to changing floor type readily.  We found a nail gun made just for this type of wood. How lucky. Glad the job is done. It does look beautiful, especially since the wife loves it. I can understand your NO on installing flooring.” – Mike Neal

“My wife and I have installed wood flooring in four rooms and wood-look ceramic planks in our kitchen. I disagree; it is a great DIY project and saved us thousands by DIY. Maybe you are just getting old, LOL. I’m a young 66, and my wife will only be 60-something. We love doing projects together; it keeps us young and happy.” – Bill Bires

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