Readers’ Fall Woodworking Plans

For the past couple of issues, we’ve asked you about your fall woodworking plans. While we didn’t hear from many of you (we already had a suspicion that many of you are last-minute planners when it comes to the upcoming holiday gift-giving season), there were a couple of responses. – Editor

“Living in Phoenix, it is just too darn hot in the garage/shop in the summer. Not only is my favorite time of year coming up, but I’ll be retiring in December. I’ve stashed enough beech away for a workbench build and quartersawn white oak for a Morris chair. After that, the bucket list and honey-do’s are endless! The next few months can’t go by fast enough.” – Randy Braaten

Someone is planning ahead. – Editor

“Been thinking a lot about some simple Christmas presents.” – Dan Reynolds – Decatur, IL

And someone plans year-round, with a special event in the fall. – Editor

“I’ve been in the shop all year building projects for our (my wife, Jean helps with sales) annual fundraising sale for educational and community development projects in Kenya. The fall is always the time for a final rush to complete items, put finishes on them, and to price them. There’re also press releases to send out, posters to make and hang, and setting up the sale at the Irondale Schoolhouse in Millerton, New York.

“Over the past 10 years, we have raised over $47,000 for projects such as classroom construction, a 12-station computer lab, starting a meal program, tree planting, and small-scale family poultry businesses. All proceeds are donated to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit we started called Grow Against Poverty. I’m fortunate that several local businesses donate much of the oak, ash, walnut, mahogany and other fine woods I use to make salad bowls, platters, cutting boards, rolling pins, note holders, candle holders and other gallery quality crafts.” – John and Jean Roccanova

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