Reader’s Project Grab Bag

Reader’s Project Grab Bag

Occasionally, we get sent reader’s projects with only one or two pictures, and we’d still like to share these projects on the eZine. Here is a collection of some of our favorites:

Texas Cutting Board

The cutting board is made from country maple and walnut. It is approximately 12″ X 13″.
The finish is several coats of mineral oil. I copied a jpg. of Texas off the internet and enlarged it to a comfortable size for a cutting board.

– Mel Johansen
Glendale, AZ


Tool Themed Workshop Clock

Just thought I’d share this with you. I got the inspiration from reading

– Rob Maguire
Cheltenham, UK


Cat Tower

In a previous eZine, Rob asked if anyone built things for their pets. Here is a climbing tower I made for my wife Meredith’s cats (she currently has 4). It is 7′ 9″ tall, the guy on the top is Homer. Construction materials include an 8′ 4×4, half sheet of plywood, 500′ of 3/8″ rope, and carpet for the shelves. It is finished with mahogany Minwax PolyShades.

– Gerry Oakes
Larkspur, CO


Dragon Toy

I have just seen a picture that someone sent in of their dragon toy.

I made two exactly the same for Antoinette’s (my wife) granddaughter who is in Austria and one for us. Each December, whilst I am on my annual leave, I try to find a project that can teach me a new technic. Well the Dragon was the one for last year, thanks for the plans.

The body is Jacaranda, the head and tail are Teak, the eyes are made from Imbuia, the wheels are Oak. The wings are Boekenhoet (Transvaal beach), which has a scale type grain. The veins on the wings are Purple heart, the hips and back legs are Mahogany. I had great fun making it.

– Dave Whittington
Roodepoort Gauteng, South Africa


Clamp Rack

When my cement mixer wouldn’t mix any more I didn’t waste the whole thing, I converted the frame into a place to keep all my clamps. With a couple of pieces of scrap lumber and some odds and ends I now have an easy to use clamp cart that I can wheel around to where ever I need it and expense was not even a consideration.

– John Wherley
Hoquiam, WA


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