A Reader’s “PSA” on Finishing Rags

This week, one of our eZine readers shares his “public service announcement”: a helpful reminder about being careful with finishing rags. – Editor

“Thought I’d pass along my Public Service Announcement that I posted on Facebook this past weekend. I am in the process of adding an additional privacy screen to the top of the block wall in our backyard. Making it out of redwood so wanted to get a coat of penetrating sealer on it before I put it up. Got all that done, and hung up most of the rags to dry like I usually do before putting them in the trash, but left a small handful on top of the big city bin trashcan to also dry before I put them in the trash. Well, obviously, my pile was too large and, at best I can figure, those rags along with the afternoon California sun melted through the top of the trash can and then decided to catch on fire. Let’s just say that my giant, heavy plastic trash can is now a large pool of plastic and the plants nearby are no more.  Fortunately, that trash can was not against the house.” – Frank McEnulty

Frank, we’re glad that it was just your trash can that got hurt! Be careful out there! (And everyone: here’s a helpful archive link about safely disposing of finishing rags.)  – Editor

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