Ready – Set – Oh My!

Rob-Portrait351We’ll only be putting out one eZine this August, so let me tell you why. It’s not because we are hot and lazy during the summer months. (Well, not exclusively.) And it’s not because we are all on vacation … although that sounds like a great idea. The reason is we are so busy. Summer is absolutely the busiest time of year for us. First and foremost, this is the season we are putting out our biggest and best print magazines of the year. (Look for a dynamite September / October issue with Frank Klausz and Ian Kirby each building a workbench!) We are also creating our annual Resource Digest, a yearly roundup of woodworking related tools and supplies. Add to that our fall Special Interest Publication focusing on workshop projects, and we have an overly full summer. But, as they say on infomercials: there’s more! It is in the summer that we travel to woodworking shows and manufacturers to get the scoop on their latest and greatest offerings. So, while this will be the last you hear from the eZine until September, don’t think it’s because we are sitting on the front porch sipping mint juleps. (Which, when I stop and think about it, also sound really good!)


— Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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