Recycle Bin and Recycled Bench

Recycle Bin and Recycled Bench

Here are a couple of different project I have done.

The first is a simple recycling bin. After a long hard week of work, I decided to unwind in the tool section of Home Depot. Ended up buying a table saw, a sheet of plywood, and some other supplies, and created this bin to hold our recycling. Not bad for a first wood project since 8th grade (almost 20 years earlier).

The other is my garden bench. Our new house had a large carport. It held water, but that was all it was good for. It was 3′ over the property line, and looked ugly compared to the 1934 house and old Model A garage it was attached to. I spent a day tearing it down, hoping to salvage as much wood as possible. This bench was made using only one of the many 20′ 2 x 10 boards that made up the rafters of that carport. The backrest is copper pipe, and is developing a nice patina as it ages. I have since made two more benches, and have enough boards left for three more.

– Tobin Davis

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