Recycled Lumber Projects

Recycled Lumber Projects

Here are a few pictures of my latest projects. The first is a reproduction Shaker clock made from pine salvaged from a packing crate. The clock is about 31″ tall and about 10″ wide. My only expense for this project was a few dollars for the hinges, catches, and the paper for the clock face. I learned some new joints on this project; the bridle joints I used for the door frames. They’re certainly not perfect, but I learned a lot from trying them out.

The next project is a Shaker hall table that I made from oak recycled from church pews. It has mortise and tenon joints that I made on my router table, and tapered legs that I cut with a home made jig on my table saw. I only had to buy the two knobs for the drawer, and a few screws to attach the tabletop to the skirt bracing underneath. I learned a lot from making this one too, like cut the mortises first, then cut the tapers on the legs!

I really enjoy finding materials that no one wants and turning them into something useful!

– Clint Mann

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