RIDGID® 18 volt Portable Power Source

RIDGID® 18 volt Portable Power Source

If you have 18-volt RIDGID cordless tools and batteries, the new 18 volt Portable Power Source can enable you to keep your smartphone or tablet fully charged wherever you need it, independent of an outlet. The accessory clips to the top of any RIDGID 18-volt battery and provides a 2.0 amp USB port for charging mobile devices. (USB cord and battery are not included.)

Pressing the red activate button on the Power Source initiates an 8-hour charge cycle, at which point the unit powers off automatically to conserve battery life. Press the button again to reactivate for 8 more hours of charging. A belt clip on top makes the Portable Power Source easier to carry.

RIDGID backs the product with a lifetime service agreement upon registration, which covers free parts and service for life. See the new RIDGID 18 volt Portable Power Source (item AC86072) at Home Depot stores or at homedepot.com. It sells for $19.99.


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