RIKON 10-326 14-in. Deluxe Bandsaw

RIKON 10-326 14-in. Deluxe Bandsaw

Woodworkers have long turned to the affordable 14-in. band saw for general purpose use, but the drawback often was limited resawing capability. These days, more and more 14-in. models are being developed with serious resawing chops, including RIKON’s new 10-326 model. It delivers an impressive 13-in.-high cutting capacity, plus 13-5/8-in. between the blade and the saw frame.


Aside from impressive resawing capacity, three patent-pending features also stand out. First, the saw’s ball-bearing blade guides and thrust bearings are spring loaded, and you can adjust them without tools quickly and easily. RIKON also has increased the height of the rip fence and resaw bar to 6-in. You can adjust it left or right for drift by turning a few knobs instead of loosening and tightening bolts, making this feature also tool-free. Third, the saw’s 21-1/2- x 15-3/4-in. cast iron table can be tipped for bevel cutting using a Quick-Lock lever and gear system — no wrenches are necessary.

Another beneficial detail not found on most other band saws is a 115-volt power outlet on the machine. You can use it to plug in a task light, phone charger, radio or whatever you need.


Other standard features include two 3/4-wide x 3/8-in.-deep miter slots in the saw table, for use with miter gauges, sleds or other jigs. The slots are T-style. The upper blade guides move up and down on a rack and pinion guide post with a knob to adjust cutting height. An inch scale on the post helps dial in your height setting. RIKON powers the 10-326 with a 1-3/4hp induction motor that runs off of standard 115-volt household current. Balanced, cast-iron flywheels help power the blade through thick or dense material easily. And a 4-in. dust port in the lower wheel compartment will channel dust away from the blade and into your dust collector. Finally, RIKON provides an enclosed base cabinet with a front door, so you can store spare blades, push sticks or other band saw supplies and jigs.

Optional accessories for the 10-326 include a mobility kit (item 13-325; $79.99), T-slot miter gauge (item 13-912; $34.99) and a pack of four zero-clearance inserts (item C10-392; $27.99).

RIKON’s 10-326 14-in. Deluxe Bandsaw is covered with a full 5-year warranty. It’s available now through RIKON dealers and sells for $999.99. To see a video overviewing the machine’s features, click here. Or visit rikontools.com.


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