RIKON 20-600H 6-in. Benchtop Jointer

RIKON 20-600H 6-in. Benchtop Jointer

Even small shops with minimal floor space are large enough for RIKON’s new 20-600H 6-in. Benchtop Jointer. At just 36 lbs. and standing under 1 ft. tall, this all-metal machine still provides a 30-in.-long (overall) aluminum table for jointing longer stock up to 6-in. wide. And, the helical cutterhead is equipped with 12 high-speed steel inserts that provide smooth cutting action. They are sharpened on two edges. When one edge dulls or gets nicked, simply loosen and rotate it to the other fresh edge. The inserts are auto-indexed in the cutterhead, so they don’t require independent height adjustments, as straight-knife cutterheads do.

This jointer is powered by a 10-amp (120-volt) universal motor that spins the cutterhead at 11,000 rpm. Maximum depth of cut is 1/8-in. The machine’s fence measures 19-3/4-in. long and 4-3/8-in. tall; it pivots 45 degrees off of square for jointing bevel-edged workpieces.

A 2-1/2-in. (O.D.) dust port enables the jointer to be connected to a shop vacuum or dust collector for cleaner operation.

Learn more about RIKON’s 20-600H Benchtop Jointer by clicking here. It is available now and sells through select retailers for $449.99.


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