Rikon Introduces New Variable-speed AFS

Rikon Introduces New Variable-speed AFS

Collecting dust at the source of generation is a key part of a cleaner shop environment, but so is capturing the residual fine dust that ends up floating in the air. Rikon can help you trap it with its new 61 200 Air Filtration System (AFS).

The unit moves up to 950 cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) past a pleated 5-micron pre-filter and into a secondary 1-micron bag filter, which can be changed without tools. Its top speed will scrub all of the shop air in a 20 x 20 x 8 ft. room 14 times per hour.

A 1/4hp motor powers the system, and an internal timer can be set to run for two-, four- or eight-hour shop sessions. It also has three speeds: 480, 750 or 950 cfm. Four eye bolts on top of the steel housing allow the 61-200 to be hung from the shop ceiling, and a handheld remote enables you to control all of its functions from the floor.

This air filtration system measures 12-1/4 in. tall, 23-5/8 in. wide and 30-1/2 in. long; it weighs 66 lbs. Rikon’s new AFS is available now, and it sells for $329.99.

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