Rikon Leading the Pack Bullishly in Bearish Market

Rikon Leading the Pack Bullishly in Bearish Market

Aside from taking a closer look at  Rikon’s new 12-in. Planer/Jointer at the recent AWFS Fair in Las Vegas we didn’t have time to cover ALL of the new tools Rikon rolled out at the show … and man oh man, these folks at Rikon have been busy! Their booth was packed with new machinery. In fact, of all the booths we visited, Rikon had more new products coming to market than the competition — despite how the setbacks of our economy have impacted the woodworking tool industry. Very ambitious.

Here’s a taste of what’s new from Rikon:

  • Five new band saws in 10-, 12-, 16-, 18- and 22-in. capacities. The 18-in. model is specially designed with digital readout and variable speed, for cutting everything from wood to composites to metal. Prices range from $279.99 to $2199.99.
  • Four new lathes: two 12 x 16-in.-capacity minis, and two 20 x 37-in. floor-standing models; both sizes available with or without electronic variable speed. Minis are priced at $259.99 for the manual speed-change or $699.99 for the variable speed. Full-sized lathes will sell for $1999.99 or $2399.99, depending on electronic or manual speed changing.
  • A 4 x 36-in. stationary belt sander with a 6-in. disc, which will sell for $119.99.
  • Three new planer options: 10-in. and 12-in. planer/jointer combination machines ($699.99 and $1999.99) and a new 16-in. planer ($1699.99).
  • A one horsepower floor-standing mortiser will sell for $1,699.99.
  • A new powered ambient air cleaner ($329.99).
  • A Euro-styled panel saw with sliding crosscut table for under $4,000.
  • Four new dust collectors, ranging from 3/4 to 3 hp, that can be converted to draw from either ceiling or floor ducting for improved versatility. Prices were not yet determined at the show.

That’s 20 new machines by my count, and an impressive new product line for these times! Sources at Rikon say the new lineup will be available this fall (September and October), so you’ll want to bookmark Rikon’s website (www.rikontools.com) and check it often for new product availability. The new AWFS machines should be added to Rikon’s website now so you can read up on the specs.

Suffice to say, despite the “Great Recession,” Rikon will be there with some solid new offerings when you’re ready to make your next new machine investment.

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