RoboReel Premium Extension Cord Reel

RoboReel Premium Extension Cord Reel

Typical extension cord reels may help to manage long cords, but they have some limitations. Most aren’t thermally protected to prevent overheating, and the retracting action of some systems can lead to a whipping action that could cause injury or damage to surrounding surfaces.

Great Stuff™ has attended to these issues and addressed several more with its new premium 12-gauge extension cord reel, called RoboReel. The ball-shaped housing is made of high-impact plastic, so it is oil-, gas-, chemical- and UV-resistant. It swivels 360 degrees, which allows the 50-ft. cord to reach anything within a 100-ft.-dia. circle of the device. The end of the cord features a three-receptacle ball-shaped plug, regulated with a 15-amp circuit breaker and redundant thermostats to minimize potential fire hazard. The plug is illuminated when energized.

But what makes the RoboReel revolutionary is what happens inside the orange sphere: instead of a retraction spring, a motor winds the cord when you press a button on the cord plug. As the cord rewinds, it slows to a “docking” speed to prevent whipping. For safety, the cord will not retract when in use, and the wind-in action stops immediately if the cord is stepped on or obstructed. Should the cord ever become severed, internal circuitry shuts the power off in less than a second, and the power cord is then replaceable by the end user.

Its sturdy cage enables RoboReel to be free-standing, or you can mount it to a wall or ceiling for added convenience. A four-year “bumper to bumper” or 4,000 rewinds warranty (whichever comes first) covers RoboReel. Its street price is $329. To learn more, visit Or, to watch a short video of RoboReel’s features and use, click here.

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