Rob’s Holiday Wish List

If your house is anything like mine, the conclusion of the Thanksgiving Dinner kicks off the season of “the well-placed list.” Suddenly, and seemingly conjured out of thin air, handwritten notes consisting of a given name and a string of consumables are stuck to bedroom doors, refrigerators, medicine cabinets, steering wheels, underwear drawers, shower heads, dishwasher panels, toolbox lids, lunch boxes, checkbooks … and so on. I find these lists both eminently practical and informative. Few communications tell you more about what’s going on with a loved one than a glimpse into their “heart’s desire.”

So why don’t you let us into your world? If you were to be posting a wish list, what would it contain? I’m talking tools and woodworking here. (But, this being a free-wheeling eZine, don’t let that constrain you!) Are you looking for a new tool or that perfect piece of cocobolo? Perhaps you would prefer to curl up with a new woodworking book … which one would that be? Let me know and I’ll share your thoughts with the gang here in our next Reader’s Response page. And, who knows, perhaps it will give you opportunity to email a “well -placed link” to someone … just on the off chance they were wondering what might be your heart’s desire.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

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