Rockler Bandy Clamp Edge Clamps

Rockler Bandy Clamp™ Edge Clamps

Screw-type edge clamps have long been a solution for securing flat moldings to the edges of plywood, MDF or melamine board to hide their edges, but how do you clamp moldings with curved profiles or more complex shapes? The center screw of a typical three-way edge clamp won’t apply even pressure in these situations, and it can even mar softer woods or more delicate moldings. Regardless, it can be challenging to hold any molding in position with one hand while trying to tighten three separate screws on a conventional edge clamp with the other hand.

Rockler intends to make the whole edge-clamping process easier and more efficient with its new Bandy Clamp™ edge clamps. Instead of a screw-style C-clamp arrangement, Bandy Clamp consists of a spring clamp with 1-5/8-in.-long jaws that open to 2-in. wide. The clamps are made of high-strength, glass-filled nylon for added durability. Overmolded grips on the clamp provide comfort and make the clamp easier to grip and control during installation.

Between the jaws, a proprietary 1-in.-wide rubber band stretches to provide the lateral force in an edge glue-up. The rubber band has three extra-strength ribs molded along its length to increase tear-resistance and boost clamping force, and the rubber offers easy cleanup. Dried glue simply flakes off.

Two pivoting clamp pads anchor the rubber band to each jaw, and they have an “ultra-grippy” surface to hold tight to workpieces without slipping — another typical problem with screw-type edge clamps.

Applying Bandy Clamps is as simple as squeezing the spring clamp open, pressing the rubber band against a molding to apply tension and letting go. It’s finally a one-handed operation. To increase tension, push the jaws and rubber band further into a workpiece. The band conforms to flat or shaped surfaces, applying even pressure and without damaging them.

“The Bandy Clamp has changed the game of clamping tricky edge profiles and odd objects,” says Steve Krohmer, vice president of product marketing at Rockler.

Bandy Clamps (54258) are priced at $19.99 per pair (or $49.98 for three pairs) and can be purchased at Rockler Woodworking and Hardware stores nationwide,, or from the Rockler printed catalog.


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