Rockler Ceiling Track Starter Kit

Rockler Ceiling Track Starter Kit

This Starter Kit is a convenient way to start enjoying the benefits of the Rockler’s new Ceiling Track System. It includes all of the key components, providing a base from which you can easily expand. You get a 4-ft. length of ceiling track with mounting hardware that accepts the kit’s two rolling trolleys — one that rolls but can be locked in place, and one that rolls freely. A ring hook and 2-1/2-in. J-hook attach to either trolley. Two track end stops are included to capture the trolleys inside.

The pair of hooks keep your power cords and a vacuum hose off the ground or workbench, but trolleys enable them to roll freely along the track so you can sand, saw and rout without fighting with them. The hooks can also be used to hang tools and utility lights or cabinet and other small doors for finishing. Made of PVC, the track will hold up to 60 lbs. of total weight, and each of the hooks has a 20-lb. load capacity.

The track’s length is sufficient to span most workbenches, and that might be all you need. Individual components are also available and sold separately if you want to expand the system further.

Rockler’s Ceiling Track Starter Kit (item 56867) sells for $69.97.

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