Rockler DIY Murphy Bed Kits

Rockler DIY Murphy Bed Kits

Floor space in a smaller home or apartment can often be in short supply, and that’s where a fold-down Murphy bed can help. It allows otherwise-dedicated spaces such as a home office, living room, workout or crafting room to double as sleeping quarters at night. Rockler’s new I-Semble Murphy Bed Hardware Kits combine the bed hardware you’ll need with plans for building an attractive cabinet to enclose it for storage. Available in both vertical and horizontal styles, plus a model designed specifically for pets, there are hardware kits for twin, full and queen sizes. Included in the kit is a steel mattress frame with natural wood slats to enhance the comfort and support of the bed structure, plus piston lift mechanisms to ensure that the bed folds out smoothly and quietly.

The Pet Bed Kit is a simpler design but mirrors the functionality of the larger kits. The bed frame is a one-piece steel rectangle with mounting tabs to attach it to the base. Its piston lift mechanisms and fold-out support bar resemble those found in the larger kits. A firm, plush cushion, sized to the frame, is included for the pet to sleep on.

Beyond functionality as a fold-down bed, these Murphy Bed Hardware Kits allow DIYers to construct a cabinet for the bed that will complement the décor of the room when the bed is folded away. To aid in construction, free downloadable plans are available by clicking here. You’ll also see a variety of completed Murphy Bed projects by Rockler customers to further expand your design ideas.

Rockler’s new I-Semble Murphy Bed Hardware with Mattress Platform Kits start at $324.99. The I-Semble Pet Murphy Bed Kit is priced at $129.99.

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