Rockler Drawer Front Installation Clamps

Rockler Drawer Front Installation Clamps

Mounting a drawer front to its box can be challenging, because it’s difficult to hold it in position and align it with other drawer fronts, then keep it in that exact position for attachment. But, the task should get much easier with Rockler’s new Drawer Front Installation Clamps. Made of steel, these left- and right-hand clamps are molded to right angles to fit around the drawer box side and each end of the drawer front. Thumbscrews hold the clamp to the box and to the drawer front. Then, micro-adjustable stops, positioned at the ends of the drawer front, enable you to shift it left or right in small increments to center it correctly on the box. The clamps’ thin profile also allows you to close the drawer to check positioning, relative to other drawers.

The clamps can handle a range of drawer box side thicknesses, up to 1-1/8-in. Drawer faces can be any thickness up to 1-in., and they can overlay the drawer box by up to 1-3/4-in. There must be at least 3/16-in. of clearance beside the drawer box sides and the cabinet opening, to allow for the clamp thickness. And, drawer slides must be positioned at least ¾-in. down from the top edges of the box.

Rockler’s Drawer Front Installation Clamps (item 54804) are sold in pairs. Priced at $39.99, they’re available now online and at Rockler stores nationwide.


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