Rockler Dust Right® Bench Sweep

Rockler Dust Right® Bench Sweep

Why sweep dust and shavings off of your workbench onto the floor, then have to sweep it up again? With Rockler’s new Dust Right Bench Sweep, you can send the small debris directly from the bench into your shop vac. Or, for larger chunks of wood, funnel them conveniently into a trash can.

The 18-in.-long, 3-in. wide plastic accessory with keyhole slots can be mounted to the end of a router table or workbench to act as a “catchall” for debris, nearly at the source. Opening the cover on top creates a backstop to help you deflect dust and debris down into the funnel as you clear it off your work surface. Underneath, a 2-1/2-in. hose port enables the Bench Sweep to be connected to a standard shop vac hose or Rockler’s Dust Right Shop Vacuum Handle (item 55083, sold separately). Closing the Sweep’s lid acts like a blast gate.


A blue grid fits inside the Sweep to prevent larger material, bits and small tools or metal fasteners from falling into your dust collection system. Remove the grid and you can direct larger wood chunks down into a trash can instead. The grid can be hung on the back of the Bench Sweep when not in use. Storage hooks on both ends of the housing are handy for hanging a dust brush and other essential tools.

Rockler’s new Dust Right Bench Sweep (item 50608) sells for $19.99 and is available now.


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