Rockler Folding Workbench: Saving Space

Rockler Folding Workbench: Saving Space

Is your “shop” in that location that other people call by the “g” word? Where they might, for instance, think that they are supposed to park their vehicles during a blizzard? Or are you facing other space challenges in your workspace? (Do words like closet or alcove come to mind when discussing your shop?)

If so, Rockler’s new Folding Workbench (item number 22526) is designed for you. The key part of it is in the name: it folds up, to save space. More precisely, it folds from a 47″ x 24″ work surface – with a 1-3/4″ thick solid birch worktop – to a storage depth of 10″. (Not even as much room as a bicycle, you could point out to family members. If you then want to follow up with some question or comment about how often they use such items, please don’t say it was our idea.)


The Folding Workbench also has accoutrements: a heavy-duty top shelf, a tool tray and a pegboard backing.

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