Rockler Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge: No More Slamming Lids

Rockler Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge: No More Slamming Lids

If you have little kids, you know that whenever they close a door or a lid, they do it slowly, carefully and deliberately, with no chance whatsoever of little fingers getting pinched. Right?

OK, now that you’re done with the hysterical laughter and finger-pointing, we can admit that, in actuality, little kids have a tendency to zoom around, slam doors and just generally put themselves in harm’s way. Rockler’s new Lid-Stay Torsion Hinge aims to prevent that harm.

It’s not only a hinge, it’s also a lid support: no more need to prop a lid up with an old 2×2 while you’re rummaging around in a chest – (what? Who hasn’t done that?)

How much weight can the Lid-Stay hold? Well, that depends on which one you get. It comes in three different models, with inch-pound ratings at 30, 40 and 60. An online torsion hinge calculator at Rockler’s website helps you calculate how many you need after you input your board’s weight and depth — yes, it does the math for you.


The  Lid-Stay Torsion Hinges are made from heavy-duty cast zinc and finished in a champagne color. They sell for $19.99 individually or $35.99 for two-packs of the 40 or 60 inch-pound versions.

You can use these  hinges on many different types of project — but, as I’m sure the little kid in your life would like to remind you, if the lid stays open on a storage chest, it will fit many, many more toys this holiday season.

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