Rockler Radius Gauge Set

Rockler Radius Gauge Set

There are plenty of common tools in the shop to check straight measurements, but far fewer for assessing the size of smaller curves. Rockler’s new Radius Gauge Set can help you verify different curvatures of spindle turnings or the diameters of dowels or router bit cutters by simply holding the gauge against the curve.

Each cast-aluminum gauge includes a concave and convex reference for assessing eight sizes of curves. One gauge measures in 16ths (from 1/16 in. to 15/16 in.) and the other measures in eighths, from 1/8 in. up to 1 in.


Unlike shuffling through some other gauge sets made of thin metal, all the sizes on this pair are accessible at once around the rim, and each is clearly marked with an easy-to-read engraving, along with indicator arrows that point to the appropriate reference. There’s also an indicator ring in the middle that rotates to point to the size you are using, which should help prevent errors.

Rockler’s Radius Gauge Set (item 52930) is available now and sells for $29.99.


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