Rockler RZ Mask M2 Mesh Face Masks

Rockler RZ Mask M2 Mesh Face Masks

Here’s a common shop problem: typical paper dust masks without vents can trap moist exhaled air, which tends to leak out of the area around the bridge of your nose to fog up glasses or other protective eyewear. Rockler’s new RZ M2 Mesh Masks can put an end to this nuisance by providing two exhalation valves that direct air down and outward, away from your eyes. An adjustable nosepiece also helps prevent fogging.

The mask is made of lightweight, washable mesh material. A single neck strap takes the place of two rubber bands that can tangle in hair or chafe skin. Hook-and-loop closure makes the strap adjustable, for added comfort.

These masks also feature replaceable filters. High-performance F1 filters come standard with the mask; they screen out particles down to 0.1 micron in size and include an active carbon element. Optional HEPA filters are also available and sold separately.

M2 Mesh Face Masks are made in three sizes: small, large and extra large. Rockler provides a measuring guide for selecting the correct size on its RZ Mask M2 Mesh Face Masks online store page (click here). All three options sell for $34.95. The small size comes in green only, and large or extra large sizes are available in either green or gray. HEPA replacement filters are available through Rockler in three-packs for $9.95.


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