Rockler Shop Block

Rockler Shop Block

While pegboard, drawers and shelving are the usual options for organizing large tools and supplies in a shop, it’s also helpful to have smaller storage solutions for keeping quantities of fasteners, shelf pins, driver bits and other small sundries close at hand. That’s why Rockler has developed this half-hexagon Shop Block. Made of molded plastic, its two tall compartments are packed with flex-rod plastic bristles, which can stow items like a marking knife, router or drill bits, jigsaw blades or pencils by simply pressing them down into place. Three open trays in front can divide quantities of fasteners, pairs of hinges, pen-making supplies or whatever you need for the project you’re working on.

These 4-in.-deep, 9-in.-wide trays can be mounted individually to a wall by way of keyhole slots in back, and there’s a recess underneath for adhering a 3/4-in.-dia., 1/8-in.-thick rare-earth magnet (item 37554, sold separately) so the Block will stick to metal surfaces. Or, to create a fully hexagonal 360-degree tray, join two Shop Blocks back-to-back using their integral dovetailed tracks.

A single Rockler Shop Block (item 58638) sells for $14.99; they’re also available in a two-pack (item 51619) for $24.99.


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