Rockler’s Bandy Clamps Now in Two More Sizes

Rockler’s Bandy Clamps Now in Two More Sizes

Following on the heels of last year’s innovative medium-sized Bandy Clamps, Rockler now has expanded this edge clamp family to include small and large sizes too. Made of the same glass-reinforced nylon and proprietary rubber band, the new Small Bandy Clamps measure 2-3/4-in. wide and 5-in. long, with a maximum jaw opening of 1-1/4-in. Their throat depth is 1-7/8-in. Recommended usage for the small size includes delicate edge moldings — even white pine — due to the no-mar design of the contact surfaces.


For more substantial edge clamping applications on thick material and countertops, consider Rockler’s Large Bandy Clamps. They measure 5-in. wide by 8-3/4-in. long, and the jaws open to 2-5/8-in. wide. The throat depth on these clamps is 3-3/4-in.

Aside from wood gluing and clamping purposes, you could also use these clamps for keeping power cables, extension cords and air hoses out of your way in the shop, or for other applications around the house.

Rockler’s new Small Bandy Clamps (item 57823) and Large Bandy Clamps (item 54141) are available now and sell in pairs for $14.99 or $24.99, respectively.


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