Rockler’s Easy New EZ Clutch

Rockler’s Easy New EZ Clutch

When it comes to helping woodworkers glue and clamp-up their project with ease, the folks at Rockler are on a really good roll. With innovations like the Sure-foot pipe clamp and their family of Clamp-It assembly aids, Rockler has already added a degree of security to the irreversible task of gluing up. Now they’ve added the EZ-Clutch™ quick release system for both pipe clamps (3/4″ pipe) and a sister product for bar clamps (the standard ¼” x ¾” steel bars).

These easy to install clamp accessories will fit most common clamp brands. By adding leverage these patent pending add-ons simplify clamp head adjustment. Anyone who has been incited to smacking a stubbornly stuck clamp head with a mallet or hammer to break it loose will appreciate these new products. (When this has happened to me, I’m usually in the middle of a glue-up and the air is turning blue around my head.)

While there are some nice new clamps on the market that have quick-sliding features built in, this is an opportunity to retrofit your trusty old war horses and gain the benefits of “modern technology” at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds.

At a price of about four dollars each, these shop helpers will not empty your wallet. You can find them through any of the Rockler sales channels. Go to to get started.

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