Rockler’s Mixing Mate to Take Fuss Out of Finish Prep

Rockler’s Mixing Mate to Take Fuss Out of Finish Prep

Conventional quart containers of wood finish, paint or stain can be a mess to deal with. Prying off or replacing the lid leads to splatters and gummed-up can rims, and it’s difficult to pour contents from the can without spilling some in the process. But before you can pour it for use, you need to stir it — and then clean up the mixing stick. Rockler hopes to make the whole process of stirring, pouring and storing more convenient with its new Mixing Mate™.

The device locks onto the top of a quart can using tool-free cam clamps. Twist to secure it to a standard size quart container; a lid gasket ensures a tight, leak-proof seal. Then crank the handle on top to stir the contents of the can with an auger-shaped internal paddle. The paddle’s shape helps to lift pigments from the bottom of the can for consistent mixing. A pistol-grip handle and spring-loaded spout enable you to pour off just the amount you need, similarly to a restaurant-style syrup bottle. The spout seals up tightly after each pour, so you can leave the Mixing Mate in place until you need that can of finish again.


Rockler says Mixing Mate is made of non-metal components, so it’s compatible with all stains, paints or finishes. And, if you want to switch it to a different can of finish, the paddle, handle and lid separate for cleaning. The Mixing Mate lid is available now for $14.99.

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